Todd County Detention Center


All programs at the Todd County Detention Center are structured to create an environment for positive change in the offender's life, so they can better serve the community as productive citizens when released. The current programs offered are:



Classes are taught in-house by Hopkinsville Community College to prepare and improve students testing skills so they can obtain a GED Diploma and better employment opportunities upon release.



Celebrate Recovery, NA/AA & CASA (CHRISTIANS AGAINST SUBSTANCE ABUSE), classes are offered each week.




A course that gives state inmates the opportunity to learn valuable information to help have a successful reentry into society. This program helps promote good disciplinary behavior while incarcerated and gives inmates incentive to become a productive citizen while earning (90) days credit upon completion..


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

Todd County Detention Center is committed to being a partner in cognitive-behavioral treatment that not only targets the deeply ingrained "thinking errors" and long standing cognitive issues that create and drive criminal behaviors but also develops pro-social attitudes and behaviors in individuals. Moral Reconation Therapy - MRT combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development. It allows State Inmates to earn a 90 day sentence credit upon completion.



Church services are offered throughout the week serving a varity of groups including: Christian, Muslim & Jewish. Chaplain Hedge is serving as the Jail's Chaplain to ensure that all inmates spiritual needs are being met.